With it's long coast line Dalane has built a close association with the sea and the harvesting of its resources. Sports-fishermen from Europe have discovered just how good the catches can be in Dalane. In addition to the superior seafishing facilities some of Norway’s best salmon-rivers run through the area.

How to get to Egersund and the district of Dalane?

Egersund is the southernmost town in the western part of Norway and the center of the region called Dalane. The communication beween Egersund and the other destinations you want to visit is quite easy.

Activities and tours

Visit Dalane and relax - or do as most visitors - let yourself be carried away by all the activities we can offer.


Below is a list of some of the attractions you should visit during a stay in Dalane. In addition to all of the local attractions, Dalane is located with easy access to popular spots such as Lysefjorden, Preikestolen, Kongeparken (Zoo and Pleasure Park), and Kristiansand Dyrepark (Zoo and Pleasure Park).

From fjords to mountains

Egersund and the lovely sourroundings Dalane is located at the south coast of Rogaland. The mild climate and the rich fish resources have always been important for this region. The area was settled as soon as the ice melted over what represents today’s Norway. (Click "Les mer" under)