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From fjords to mountains

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Helt til topps. Foto: Jone Omdal

Egersund and the lovely sourroundings Dalane is located at the south coast of Rogaland. The mild climate and the rich fish resources have always been important for this region. The area was settled as soon as the ice melted over what represents today’s Norway.

Traces of these early settlements are to be found over the entire area, and historical sites exist throughout the region. We have kept pace with later developments and have all the facilities one expects to find in the 21st century. Thus, much has changed though some of Norway´s excellent salt and fresh water fishing resources are preserved in Dalane.

Our inheritance, represented by the natural beauty of coastal and inland surroundings, has been taken good care of throughout history. Unspoilt nature stretches from the sea and the lowland to valleys up to the mountains. Enjoyment of this is not spoilt by queues as mass tourism has yet to set its mark on this area – all that you will find lined up waiting for you are various attractions and picturesque motives. Take the opportunity to visit Dalane. See the local time and weather in Norway.

Dalane comprises of the four Local Authorities: Bjerkreim, Eigersund,Lund and Sokndal. Here you will find – all within a short distance- a coastline dotted with islands and fjords, rising through to mountain tops. The short distances between the various attractions are appreciated by those not wishing to spend a major part of their holiday in the car. If you prefer to cycle then one of the fi nest stretches of ”The North Sea Cycle Route” passes through the area.

Dalane is not splendid surroundings and attractions alone. We have cosy town centre, fishing ports and vibrant commercial development. The areas are supported by excellent communication routes such as railway, ferry to Denmark, E39 and Rv 44 trunk the latter forms part of the ‘North Sea Road’. Therefore we can provide a Dalane that is easily accessible, and we promise to make an effort to make your stay as memorable as possible. Dalane offers everything you need and would like to do during your vacation, which represents a perfect opportunity for the entire family to enjoy themselves.

Most visitors are impressed by how much they can experience here. Salmon fishing in the river Bjerkreimselva is known both nationally and internationally as one of Europe’s best Salmon rivers. This is closely followed by Sokno river in Sokndal. The following are perhaps amongst our best known attractions: Helleren and Jøssingfjord, Sogndalstrand, Ruggesteinen, Gloppedalsura, Tronåsen, Ørsdalen, the traditional wooden houses of Egersund centre, the lighthouse Eigerøy fyr with sourroundings and Auglend with the Nature Reserve Vandringshavn. Closer descriptions of these are given on the following pages.

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